Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 55

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Chapter 55

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author

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Dramatic Genres

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“I know about his goals. But, ah… I just never thought that he had already left for the city. Supposedly the address while he was there, Bud.”

“Are you sure that the city that Kak Wati is going to is Jakarta? Not others?”

“That’s what he told me, Bud. He was jealous that you were allowed into the city. You’re a success. You’re the rich one.”

“Rich? Sis Wati think I’m having a good time living in Jakarta? Does he understand that it takes me 15 years to be able to pay down the house? Even then, I still have to think about the next installment which will surely take decades.

Does he know that for days I often hold back hunger just by drinking water? Can he still comment if he finds me never getting enough rest?

You have to work all day and night if you don’t want to be oppressed. At the airport, life is more luxurious. There is a house, all you have to do is take food from nature, and sleep well. What is there to envy about that?”

“So, Jakarta is actually not as beautiful as people imagine, Bud? Likewise, the airport isn’t as bad as you think?”

Budi was stunned. Harun’s words struck the deepest corner of his heart. He fell into a chair that was closest to him. “If it’s true that Kak Wati ran away to Jakarta, what should I tell Mother?” his heart ached.

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