Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 51

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Chapter 51

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author

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Dramatic Genres

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“Budiii! Oh my, my, my, my,” screamed a woman as soon as she set foot in the lobby of the Immortal Soul office.

“Mbak Tari,” said Budi, hugging his boss briefly.

Apparently another employee heard his name being called. Warm greetings flowed to Budi. Five of his colleagues while working at Jiwa Abadi scrambled to shake hands and ask how he was doing.

He was touched. Didn’t expect the attention of his friends.

“Stop it. Later, we can continue the missed meeting,” interrupted Mbak Tari. His previous superior’s command was immediately followed by his subordinates. Then, Mbak Tari led him to a room that Budi still recognized as his boss’s office.

“My goodness, I can’t believe it. The last time I saw you lying in the hospital. Come on, Bud. Sit, sit,” said Mbak Tari, occupying her chair. “Oh my gosh, Bud. How are you?”

Budi did the same. Sit down on the chair opposite his superior and replied, “safe and sound, Miss.”

“When I and the children returned to the hospital, you were already home”

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