Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 50

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Part 50

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author


Dramatic Genres

In a race against time, Budi drives the car at a speed above normal. He did not slow down even though he passed a bump in the asphalt or better known as a speed bump.

Arriving at the highway, his stomach groaned. Just then Budi remembered that he had not eaten since yesterday afternoon. However, even that did not dampen his intention to push the gas pedal as deep as allowed.

Suddenly, his phone rings. For a moment, Budi examined the screen of the Samsung Galaxy 4. His heart jumped. The same number that invited him to interview. Large as Life! They must have accepted him working there.

“Hello,” he greeted quickly. “Wait a minute, please.” Simultaneously, the speed of the car was slowly reduced, until it finally stopped in the emergency lane. He wanted to express joy to his heart’s content.

It’s not funny if his behavior later endangers the way he drives.

“Regarding your job application, there is information that you have been missing for five months without hearing from your previous employer.”

The cheerful smile that clung to his face instantly faded. “Where did the news come from, Ma’am? You might be. That’s not true. I didn’t disappear.”

“Is it true that you haven’t been in the office for the last five months?”

“Yes, I do. But –

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