Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 47

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Chapter 47

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author

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Dramatic Genres

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Not a pleasant morning. Susan held back a sob as she washed the dishes away. It was hoped that the tinkling of dirty glasses against the soap and rinsed water would trick Nini’s ears.


Susan looked up. Near the door of the well, Nini was present. In a hurry, he splashed the rinse water in the bucket towards his eyes. He pretended to wipe the splashed water.

Then, flashing a smile in response to his grandmother’s call. “Nini tea can you bring the wheelchair here?”

“Can, atuh. Easy. Just move it with your hands.”

“Wait a minute, Ni. Susan cleared out the plates first.”

Swiftly, Susan lifted the washed dishes from the rinse bucket. After that, he kept it in its place on the plate rack.

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