Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 46

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Part 46

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author

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Dramatic Genres

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From where Budi lay, his friend’s sense of sight opened. Andra shifts the laptop so Budi can see a portrait of a rock with a hole through his eye. “That’s Kopong Coral.”

Along with the touch of Andra’s hand on the mouse, the image on the screen changes to a set of tables and chairs shaded by a striped canopy. “That Olive Bakery,” explained Budi.

Vintage. Cool out. You have to take me here, Bud!” he shouted super excited.

“Tomorrow I’ll be back. Just follow!”

Andra laughed. “Not suddenly either, Bro.”

“Yes, you think about it, when will it be. You staying up all night, Ndra?” asked Budi.

Yup. There is deadline.”

“Then wake me at dawn, okay? It’s six o’clock at the latest. Before three o’clock, I have to reach the airport.”

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