Novel Rizky Siregar: Nostalgia Asylum Part 43

Novel: Nostalgic Asylum Part 43

*Novel Rizky Siregar, author

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Dramatic Genres

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The seven-hour journey from Airports to Jakarta tore his bones apart. This morning it didn’t really feel like it because he was very excited to go to Jakarta. By now, several parts of his body were screaming in pain.

Budi anchored the briefcase to the back seat. Side by side with a professional camera bag. A moment later, a warning melody neighed. He knew perfectly well that the notification came from his cell phone.

“Damn, the battery is dead.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen is filled with SMS logos and markers for new comments on various social media that it has. From the green phone icon, he looked up anyone who had called him.

Budi pressed the smart phone to dial a name.

“Budi? Lol are you okay? Where?”

The caller’s voice was frantic and full of worry. “Fine. In Jakarta,” he answered soothingly.

“We have to meet,” ordered his best friend in a hurry.

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